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August 08, 2012

Movie: The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo

Adapted from the trilogy Millenium novel by Stieg Larsson, The Girl with Dragon Tattoo under David Fincher was not keeping my eyes off of it, not even in a second. There again, I always go with my instinct when I bought a DVD, and frankly basic instinct is always true. I saw in glance for the title, I bought and I watched, then I got surprisingly impression. Yey, I do sometimes randomness.

From The International best Selling Trilogy

Story begins at Millenium office while Mikail Blomkvist (Daniel Craig) bump into Erika Berger (Robin Wright) as Editor in Chief of Millenium after his three months in prison of unproved evidence report of Hans-Erick Wannerstorm corrupt cases that Blomkvist has to deal with. At this scene, I completely ignore all the complicated names and what actually the movie brings to this story. What I have got was Blomkvist need the evidence to support his report while Wannerstorm cases on going in a court.

The scenes afterwards are belong to Lisbeth Salender (Rooney Mara), Fincher did very well to trained Mara starring as Salander as a gothic. Salander is an extrovert young woman, ear, eyebrow and lips piercing and dragon tattooed at her left piece back. She, even under care of legal custody father, still gaining money from her work as a secret investigator (mostly by hacking computer to get some warn information). This made her distinguished among others woman. In tandem with her order investigation to Wannerstorm, her legal custody found dead at house. As a Sweden policy, Salander is under taken by lawyer Nils Bjurman. But Nils is taking an advantage of Salander. What Salander wants is money for supporting her investigation by buying a computer or buying her daily basis.  What made me a very shudder (hugging pillow tightly and eyes wide opened with saying: seriously is this uncensored?) when the sexual abuse scenes played clearly. David Fincher, again shake my emotional over and my head dizzy (that was just like his Panic Room film, forcing viewer to keep eyes on the details).

I thought that was the end of uncensored scenes, afterwards another same scenes came up when Salander revenged to all Nils did to her before. Okay, I will not explain in details what revenged it was like, but mentioning Nils hand was cuffed laying recumbent on the bed, and Salander tattooed his chest with amoral words also she penetrated the steel to his vital, so can you imagine please how so clearly crime level this movie genre takes?. Salander could press Nils because she has the record of his action rape by the camera on Salander bag.

Back to Blomkvist, soon afterwards Henrick Vanger (a descent from Gottfried Vanger-Sweden rich man from Vanger Coorporate) asks Blomkvist to be an investigator to find out Harriet Vanger, his cousin who disappear when the last dinner Vanger Family. Blomkvist accepted what Henrick offered to him as a reward-a solid evidence of Hans-Erick Wannerstorm corruption case.

In the middle of how cold Sweden is and Blomkvist doing a tough investigation –with some pressure accident eyeing him, Blomkvist needs an assistant. Henrick with his lawyer team suggests Salander. By this point, I do not expect there will be a making-out scene. Oh c’mon, a very-extrovert -and -easy going identify Gothic -Salander and a gorgeous journalist Blomkvist?. Yeah.. at least I know the whole slimy (going so far from the word sexy) body of Mara and oh yes, Danielicious Craig!. : )))

Back to the story, both are very solid to do a depth investigation. When Blomkvist handling all physical photograph in front of laptop, Salander work hard to search on public papers documentation. Well, I do not giving so much care of who’s gonna be a suspect of Harriet disappearance and murder sequence. I care of the things between Salander and Blomkvist!.  However, it is intriguing me to know who is the murderer and what are actually reasons to  all murderer cases of Vanger era. When investigation is over, both back to real life. And this shitty happens, we know a woman will be a woman. Salender admits that she is in love with Blomkvist.

I just realized that Salander so much pretty and gorgeous when she’s disguising to be a pretty penny Sweden woman who steals (move bank account) 2.4 billion Euro of Wannerstorm accounts. She does very smooth and clever in disguise to go to every bank, moving with no one smells her tracks. She hacked the secret information of Wannerstorm, also their secret bank account. You will see, she helped Blomkvist over the revenged to Wannerstorm actually. And you know what, woman will do everything to expresses her loves. It brings no wonder when Salender harms her life in affect of his disguising turns to most wanted fugitive woman.

On a scale 1-10, I rate this movie into 10. Mara hits all the whole scenes, of course Craig is also make it refreshing and alive!. I love the match they played.


Best acting ever of  Rooney Mara
Obviously attacked of handsomnia of Daniel Craig


Syahrian said...

I read the book first, then watched the film. That's why i can tell that this is a great adaptation, and IMO even better than the Swedish version (yes, I've watched both versions). The opening credit was crazy, with a great music and visualization. David Fincher did great in directing the film; the story, the pace, the cast...everything is (almost) perfect! Absolutely one of my favorite film.

I gave it 9/10.

Huda Tula said...

oh I've watched the Swedish version. the scene when lishbeth abused in a motel room made me dizzy too. after all, it was a great movie. Luckily I also have the hollywood version, just not watch it yet. may be tonight I'll hit it..

Kim said...

@Syahrian: You should told me ur movie references, hence I didn't miss the great.

@Huda: yes, yes, that sexual abuse scene made dizzy and like need distraction. hit them, mostly David Fincher's.