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July 06, 2012

Movie: The Lady

The story begun in 1947 Aung San has been with little Suu in the border lake in front of their house. Aung San went to the office and led the round table group discussion with using Burma language. Suddenly the three military soldiers came out and smashed the door, then shooting every people in group. The extra bullets were turning into Aung San for many times. That was the preliminary of The Lady movie. Shocking point indeed.

Apres 3 mois de jue a Jakarta, j'ai apris c'est film

Suu, her husband Dr.Aris a British lecturer often call her in daily basis. In her home in England, Suu was jotting a note regarding to memorable her father she loved Aung San who perished in military hand while Suu is about 3 years old. Suu has two boys, Kim and Alex those who grow up in Britain. In 1988, Suu actually has begun a comeback to Burma to take care her poor health mother. Situation in Burma was very unsafe and dangerous. The student or a group of clever/smart people, a two discuss people, a girl/a man who read a movement books were very seek to hunt and get them into jail very easily. The military shoot a gun blindly at every person who indicated having a courage to attack them, or even not. A dead body spread in side streets, wounded bodies come over  in the hospital where Suu's mother hospitalized. Rangoon was fired up. 

I am then imagining Indonesia in 1998, very frightening and overwhelming. Riots are everywhere. Burmese hung their hope to Suu, even she said her hands are full (by hugging the 2 shoulders of her boys), but she asked the time to think. With no longer question, after the mother has passed away, Suu agreed to help people out from military hand, moreover the husband and her boys are support her in every obstacle. It was her upcoming ways to make her father struggle alive among Burmese.

The very upside down inclusion of Suu in movement marked by the winning point for her in election in 1990 with 329 votes, while the Burmese military got zero. Is the thing look going to end? never. Things have been going downhill for her thereafter. Burmese military refused to accept the result election. Meanwhile, her husband and the boys have always been rejected the visa to visit her by Government Burma. The telephone contact was cut down. Her activities have kept on eyes in every minute by the soldiers. For a woman this is very hard to pass. She's non-verbally abused every day, and arrested for 15 years in her home.

In England, Dr.Aris and the boys (Alex and Kim) made an effort to nominee and sign in Suu to the committee of Nobel Prize for Peace. It could be a phase for Suu-and of course let people know what's happened in Burma- to the worldwide. Fortunetaly after waiting many times, Suu was the only woman nominated and won the Nobel Prize for Peace category. The world watched her in every move she made for over a decade. Suu in absentia to awarded the prize, but Alex gave the speech for his Mom, Suu was just only heard the Alex's voice from the only electronic she kept; the radio- the electricity in her house suddenly turn out by the soldiers, This is insane, isn't it?. Fortunately, the maid still keeping the battery stock to the radio. I was very upset watching this scene.

The Lady, a film by Luc Bosson is very impressed and details. It builds messages very gradually awesome and clearly catch up. However, the scene and the acting of Michelle Yeoh (Suu) and David Thewlis (Dr.Aris) intensely high up my emotional. for some, may vary to rate this movie, for me this is incredibly best autobiography movie, floating minds, two thumps up and shaking emotional, I'm very impressed. Well, I was crying over to the last scene movie when Suu wanted took off all the things she done for the country known that her husband diagnosed cancer, and she as the wife couldn't make any efforts to take care of him. The Burmese military knew it as a Suu give up point, so they offered her to leave Burma. for second time, Suu understood this is an intrigued of military to get her rid out the Burma forever. Once she leaved, she couldn't come back to Burma again-for many reasons.

Suu: "You're offering me to choose my children and husband, or my country?. What kind of freedom is it?". ---her words may from her deepest heart as a mother, as a wife, as a human who has a brave hand to help her people---

Many times I cry over watched this movie. Especially when she read a letter from his husband telling of cancer attack his healthy. Has anyone imagined this situation?. Suu cried vaguely and lie down to the floor after knowing her husband dead from the radio. Neither Suu couldn't move her feet off Burma nor Dr.Aris could see her in a very crisis his health (until die). The happiness, sadness, and sacrifice has no longer border for them. Likewise, the grow up son with a mother in absentia. Sacrifice is bitter and sour. You people who give a damn and break off of peacefulness in earth should watch this movie. I warned you. Democracy, unlock human right, freedom of potential human being, are very very basic needed of people. 

I wish I could see a good movie like this afterwards.



Huda Tula said...

not watch yet. but based on your reviews seems it's worth watched.

Kim said...

yes. worth to watch indeed!