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October 04, 2012

Let It Rain Over Me

It is not even you look in a glance into my posting, so why do I stalk to your sites?.
It is not whilst you have spare time to 'listen' me and sometimes my activity, so why do I give my particular time to check the whole you did?.
It is not thought you think of me a second, so why do I give my hours to wait your sending words to me?.
I have been waiting you so long, just to say I do I care to you actually.
But your ignorance made me aware. So it is my turn to take my life far away from you.
I let you know,
It is your turn to understand,
You are


Ps: And I don't give a shit whether 'you' read this or not. I will always write what I want, what I feel, and what I hear. And yeah, Jakarta is raining now. Just finished my notes, I grab my umbrella and decide to go around Rasuna Said to either get wet or feel the rain. I embrace the drop water into my skin. Rain...rain..rain..!

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