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October 09, 2012

Off to Kuala Lumpur (Bangsar)

Hi There!

I've been traveling around Kuala Lumpur last week for about 3 days. It was tiring but fun. Paced my feet on the wet way around landing area at LCCT has been blowing my mind far away to the range of peacefulness, frigidity, cold, and felicity. I am indeed a person who comfy the mood into the weather. And I love raining (It is no wonder I welcome so much to September and the rest months afterwards). I hate an extreme sun. But I still don't mind of perceiving the warm sun shining on 7-8 AM or the sun shine after the long night raining.

Anyway I got my Sky-Bus for leaving LCCT to KL Sentral. It costs 9 RM (approx IDR 30.000). You can buy the ticket to the booth in exit area or nearby the guest arrival doors. I have appointment with my friend in KL a week before to meet up. I met him at KL Stesen Sentral after having an over 30 minutes to wait. It because of my communication device called a Blackberry Sucks! was very suck! (and so the provider). I have been following the tips to register the linked-provider and set to the roaming and bla bla just a day before departure, but technically it was a perfect failure. Other panic was either I can not lead my friend to find my position or there will be a news on papers tomorrow " A cute girl was found at KL-Sentral fainted after a long hours waiting so long her friend picking her out". Haha. Another "gooood" were my friend at Jakarta and KL called me, the BBM also still running. Yes, you can guess it, the credits on my celly utterly decreased into a limit. *sigh*

My friend picked me up me in front of Information Desk at KL-Sentral, Oh God, the unyu and comel girl was just rescued out from the unsafe world. Haha. We then moved into Bangsar Kedai, (forget to capture togetherness of us) just because we talked and talked and talked. We chatted about bilateral issue (ciyeeeh...crucial topic eh?), Melayu languages, movies, singer and the bands (and that time Noah has a concert at KL), what Melayu means, and Indonesian workers at Malay. Until the friend of mine (who has already stayed and will accompany me at my office apartment) called me, we should have ended up the lepak-lepak chill (bahasa: nongkrong).

KL was just same as real Jakarta on SUNDAY. No more traffics (yes!), and differentiate for both is KL often of getting rain rather than Jakarta. Having a seat in a back with my luggage (men are in front) gave me a chance to view Bangsar out of windows freely *AADC scene eh?*

End up searching to the streets, after all, we found out the apartment building which is the opposite of Menara Bangsar UOA. The crib is taken a place in level 11 (I saw it clearly to the address details, that was right on level 11). It is the old apartment indeed, with standing of many old building around, I then imagining  myself took a scene of The Raid Redemption or some of the scene Hang Over II (Lost in Bangkok), Haha. The lift looks so frightening, old, and use a material steel doors. We've already at level 11 but we couldn't find out the crib even I already stepped up and down the length of the aisle level 11. Then we were going down to the base level to pick up my friend. She wasn't there, she said already in the level 11. We were going up again. Huhu. Finally my friend bumped me (with the "hosh-hosh-hosh breathing", she just back and forth between Menara UOA to the apartment to catch me down), she then lead me to the level 11 1/5!. There is a branch stairs in front of the lift that show us to the 2 rooms left of level 11. "seka keringat, kibas saputangan* Phew!

Having a glass of Teh Tarik at Jalan Bangsar

Me and my friend decided to go out after finishing some alerts information and confirmation about tomorrow's event in front of laptop. It was 1030 pm already, and we couldn't find any good warungs/cafes/mamak outside the apartment. FYI, mamak is known for kedai/cafe opening 24 hours which is owned by Hindusthan people. We found some, but we didn't give a try. Because seemingly we're starving enough, and we would like to satisfy our stomach into the 'right bite'. Sight in glance that time shows 1030, we stopped a cab, and drive into Pelita Nasi Kandar. 

Number 1!
I'm having maggie.
My friend having a chicken soup and Teh O'.

Another pictures above are taken when we just prepared the dinner meeting. We bought some foods such as Satay Melaysia, Tofu, and Nasi Lontong. Damas is the name of place. There are some of shops, cafes, high class apartment and medium mall. 

the three unyu commitee at kedai. It is the cozy place isn't it?

Petang at Damas
Put me something
The day later, I and the two friends of mine (he is a Journalist) having around to KLCC. For my second visit  there, I would have a back view of twin towers. We took some photos with a background of Petronas alternately with each cameras in hands. We were asking favors a minute to the couple who passed us by, to take a picture of us. I can see that the girl felt like So-oh-you-piss-my dating-already. Haha we don't care. At least we can captured together, yet the Petronas is cut! :(

the three again

a pond in front of the Suria Building (KLCC)
Kim (me)

We have a great days at Kuala Lumpur. And I can say that these words are echoed my head already.

"I've been caught by Malay's stuff".

: )


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Wak Gelas™ said...

salam ziarah sekali lagi, wak nggak tau kamu sampai ke KLCC jugakk.. ehhEe

aaazri said...

Kpn ke kl lagi
Jalan jalan ya non ......?
Bilang aja pasti ada yg senang ...

Met aktivitas kim......

Kim said...

Hi All, Thanks!

Fika Murdiana Rachman said...

nice trip.. terlalu banyak singkatan ndu, roaming gua :D

Kim said...

@fika: "roamimg gua". Hah GUA? :D

Fika Murdiana Rachman said...

kan aku lagi mabok gua :D habis jalan-jalan ke pacitan nyamperin gua :D