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December 19, 2012

Food for your food's thought

I've decided to make couple changes in my life, preferably into my health, my body. My fellow already got an issue in his health, I guess diabetes (?). He always feeling dizzy and gain uncontrollable of total weight. As he is still young and productive, so I sum of missed mistakes in his previous life, and may be what and when he had been eaten. Such a sad..., a young, and energetic life can be destroyed by the wrong chosen food.

So I try to make simply thing about my food. I used to grab some bread/cassava/fruits and cheese to bring my morning, sometimes milk. And along the day, drinking water is a must to do. Lunch is the hard way, as I'm Indonesian, eat rice is a thing to un-refrained. But I know, rice contains much of sugars, hence I eat small rice (deep inside, I feel so guilty). When the night is coming, usually I do my dinner after working hours about 7 pm with an easy cook made by myself in my house kitchen. I avoid to take rice, as the return I take some fruits with yogurt or sometimes a bowl of soup.

Still, for those basically menu may inadequate to fill the good result, they need some of remarks. But at least I was trying to keep healthy by avoiding the clear junk food. Its like simply you aware to choose among lump sugar, brown sugar, corn sugar or granule sugar. Its simply to choose consciously between make noodle or a quick ham mix with vegetables dish.

Last time I was hearing a good news of  Trade Minister of Indonesia Gita Wirjawan, as he said that total population of Indonesia had been consumed about 140 kg rice each person in each year. Meanwhile our neighbor Vietnam and Thailand had only consumed 70 kg each person, in each year. Such a critical highlight  to figure out. It brings no wonder diabetes issue has a quite large occur to Indonesians.

I support up what has been Pak Gita campaigned, to accustom to start early morning with cassava bite. However it's cheap and sometimes implies a kind of low-class menu, but the total carbohydrate is quite safe than rice. And we have plenty of cassava's farm which is spreading in a whole island.

Beside those rice issues, Pak Gita has been stated also to make a deal to local regulator in oversea, in order to let our fruits products can be accepted and export to the regions easily. Basically, what Pak Gita aim is to reducing the import than export. Also he like to do the smooth and direct procedure to release our local products with no longer any stops to quarantine, which will  have a high cost! then it will  have an impact to increasing price of our local fruits when it has been touch down to the regions.

Can you imagine, our bloody rich land can produce various fruits, but we still import fruits from our neighbor. Those things can be randomly ruin the price of local fruits!. To tell the truth, will you buy Shantang Orange (imported from China) with per Kg is only IDR 12.000 or buy Jeruk Medan and its per Kg Rp 21.000? which one are you going to buy? for both are very sweet delighted taste, I bet you will choose a shinny Shantang Orange. Because it's cheap!

That's a huge concern, big deal, hot issue. But we can do little thing, simply thing to buy and support up the local fruits than import fruits. Don't be so mind to buy the local food/fruits with its high price, cause thing you go and deal with it, you will help a local farmer to get a place where they exactly belong.

Food is precious, do not let it harm with the human selfishness consume--Kimmi--

Happy happy Christmas People!


Huda Tula said...

Somehow, I always prefer to local fruit. I don't know why, but imported fruits looks so artificial for me. They look all the same, the same yellow, and the same size. Make me think they are not coming from a real tree, but made of plastic instead. LOL

i just know now that cassava is safer than rice

Kim said...

Me too!
I prefer local fruits, even its cost sometimes pretty high.

Sure, u can googling it to know abt cassava more.