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December 12, 2012

Pergi ke Johor Bahru via Changi

Monday morning on December 3, 2012 was my first trip to Johor Bahru, and my second trip passed Changi Airport. It was my first journey to step a walk into Malaysia through south Peninsula, which previously I did visited to capitol Malaysia through KLCC.

And yeah, my first experience having a flight with Singapore Airlines. I know, I take somebody's point that has ever told me about its humane treatment and so the services by its stewardess. Once we found the seat number, stewardess forth and back to offer us the warm towel (its to wipe our face to refreshment isn't it?). Then I smile to stewardess and steward who standby into the rows. Still, Jakarta to Singapore was taken only 1 hour 45 minutes.  Wish I have two hours longer to fly another continental, so I could comfy sitting on the velvet seat longer.

I like when i need to plunge my self into something new, nerd, extreme. Even if you just look into my body, the same can not be said. But here look into my eyes, I dare everything. (haha, my close friend tried to mind me: If you look-alike a small rat, don't disguise have a powerful roar). forget his saying dude!.

The first entering Malaysia through Singapore, we are going to see Check Point and Immigration Authority of Singapore. You need to turn down from the car, bring the passport and queue the line. If your passport is fine, don't need to worry about everything, then go through the coach lines after, ride a car and continue to the next Immigration of Malaysia 5 minutes afar. Me and my team has quite smooth leaved from Singapore. Whereas, me my self have a bit worry which I knew one of my team's passport is going to 4 months expiry.

We arrived to Malaysia Check Point, and we should bring the baggage and stuff we previously brought. It is not recommended if you leave your stuffs into the car. Trouble with car will come after. it is quite easy then, facing the X-Ray into our bags, and then you go downstairs with chop : You are accepted enter Malaysia.

We stayed at Blue Wave Hotel. I don't know how stars it is (and I don't care). But this is quite nice! I though it was family room (?). My room has shared with one of the team. You mind, it has two televisions in bed room, and family room. and so it has a small kitchen, and small dinning room with 4 chairs. The bath room was large (and this is the part I don't care most, while some people give a care). Anyway thanks client!.

We went to Johor Premium Outlet (JPO). Johor was extremely raining.We then have a lunch, have a dinner and have a rest, relaxing head for opening ceremony of WIEF (World Islamic Economic Forum) tomorrow.

Persada Johor, where the WIEF held

Inside the forum

I have no plan for taking a nap in the midst of Fame-people-on-the-stage-were-talking. Seriously? This IS a world forum which were 50 nations representative get along. But my eyes' team was telling me that boring is just in time. I did what not thing to take over the sleepy, listening Si Receiver which contains 4 foreign languages: Arabic, France, Russia. Ok, this was work a while.

After luncheon session, we head off to Legoland. Do you know it? It is a land which is full of Lego and miniature of some famed building Malaysia has so far. Unfortunately we have shock time (only one hour) to go around and explore the land. We need to quick back to hotel to prepare Gala Dinner later on.

Here we go, entering a very super dome measuring 36,000 sq ft. Still have a hole to describe?. I tell you, it fits 3 units of Boeing 737 airplanes, and still have a room to spare! it is now truly super isn't it?.
the lack of this was, the dinner started on 9PM! too late for starving again.

See you in the next post when I have to spend 1 hour in Singapore Immigration about the "case"...


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