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February 25, 2014

Longing For Home

Life's been pretty busy this week, I might say it's crazy. The stuff and dramatic feelings been brought me to the path, my walk research in Surabaya. I woke up pretty early 6 am in the morning with panda's eyes as the night I've been enjoying (beer?) writings report till 2 am. I put aside my tiredness and my biggest mistake and regret: Asia's next top model in Star World. My report was my reason I put my Wednesday in a quick packing, rushing to airport, booking accommodation, and confirming last minute meeting. I didn't expect my boss gets me to Heroes City as fast as I thought.

This cleaner and neater city help me better with cloudy and drizzle along whole day. I can fit my feelings to be not more mundane. My second day starting by dragging myself from this place to that venue, and elaborating the issue and stuff. It was neglecting my stomach's need.

....and the weekend comes. I made a quick decision not to go to Jakarta on Friday night. Room in my Jalan Karet Pedurenan doesn't bring me special. So that, I again, hurrying to terminal in catching up late bus to very East Java, Jember, my hometown on 9.15 pm.

1.30 am: just arrived. I didn't see my mom, neither my sister. I really need a quality rest.

Saturday (doing whatnot stuff with 'lil Yesa and eating much favo food) and Sunday (early wake up and go around with other nephew). Sunday 1 pm: I can't help but really should leave this hommy place. My GA flight around 8.30 pm.

And yes, that subject called me on my way to Surabaya. I wish I could meet. Maybe next the other time. FOR GOD'S SAKE! Saya nerima telpon dengan amat deg-deg. :)


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