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May 03, 2012


There was always a story behind the email. The sad and the happiness. Some others rely their live on the email and its colony for work (and put so much care on eschewing the spam and spoiler), for some email probably worthwhile to register an online games.

Indeed, I am one of the people who live behind the email. Everyday, every second in a day. Alert email wasn't just ringing shrilly (I set it to the minimum tone). Somehow, my heart is its opposite, it's beating rise up when sound catches me up and email displayed. The inhale-exhale scene takes the position while the icon of envelopes shown into the task bar of my handled. It was just whispering some words in my ears: breathe...breathe.

I first do assume to my unpleasant logic rather than the opponent when starting to open  the messages one by one. You know, it just prevents me to encounter the up-coming disappointing message suddenly. Whilst, it does not help me much better. The sad news or cynic news is barely come in as they are. Because I have created the aura of negative, then here they came. For the mean time, I do start the positive view in my mind while seeing the message itself. (oh well, it's not that too crucial).

Another day I enrolled to my job, I was realized that handled communicator is an item to have. I bought it, and it was like completely congratulation to me "welcome to your email world". And here I am, with 7000 inbox unread everyday in my handled. My outer life has been distracted to my inbox life. Haha!

Sometimes, too much struck in email world for me is just exhausting. It includes many hopes around. Those are awaiting confirmation meeting, good news from newspaper of publishing article (yes, I was there while being student in university), bad news with miss communication (yes, email just included some of characters, no gesture, no intonation and emoticon even couldn't solved better describing the true message). What's more? the last mentioned was worrying me most. As incident, when you compose an email the clearer you talked the blurrier recipients get. I then completely being sure with one of communication theory I've learned "be effective with minimum words to pursue the point". (sigh)

Mistakes and some urgent tasks is probably distract me with the mean of email actually. I said email runs to surprising machine. it does seemingly fancy, does not it?. Sometimes, it surprises with lot of fun and oh yes, lot of duties with the raises eye brow facial motion. The part of fun for me when I got new friend in cyber world, I and her then hitting email to know each other.

Part of I do in email is composing news to business colleagues. There, it is also getting to detect what kind of person they are. Some of them need to be respected and long text necessity, some others just reply with stingy words (perhaps they were just busy? or it's just the manner), and the rest need the response hit them back immediately (no need excuses in it). Back to my very embarrassing incident since I've just come in to email world, to build my good manner and respect to person (Asian chairman of famed hotel in town), I began just like to jot a letter (you know, with some of prefix Kpd Yth...). so amusing right?, act to be well manner runs to miss-manner.

My humble opinion, communication manners as a social study has to re-generating their discussion to be widespread. Manners to communicate in email and its colony (sms, whatsApp, bbm, beepUs etc) run to the basic theme. I am sure to believe many people do not need the guidelines how to work on them in this era. Somehow, I curious to dig them in as a new discussion topics.

The email and its colony almost generates people to the very limited spoken scope. For some, It drags people to the very to-the-point aim, easier and effective. Thing that fear me up from that era is people become very disclose each other, they are handy with the handled. So predictable story. With the Hi-tech comes up with the human behavior discrepancy.

How about you? Do you live among electronic mails and its colony?. Share me.


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nuel said...

i seldom open my email... Moreover my email box's fulfilled by the notifications of the social medial... Especially twitter.. Yeah i'm addicted to twitter... Huahahaha