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May 03, 2012

What a Wow of Evita Nuh

Oh My God….just found a very young talented fashion blogger in Indonesia. Yes, Indonesia (not Paris, nor Hollywood cameras blitz).  She’ s  an angel, smart, and adorably fashionable.  Forget a moment about Suri Cruise, because we (Indonesian People) have a fashion star born in this country. This is kinda speechless to me to describe Evita when everybody talked about her   many many times before and I’m just having her recently. I do not know, @GNFI should talk about her yet.

I’ve been visiting her blog for several times since founded it. If her blog was an amazing parade, or her show, I have already made a stand-up applause for delivering the incredible shows I’ve watched ever. I thought that she’s 15 old years something that almost the model turned to modeling stage. But I was wrong. She is just turned 13 years old by this year. What an age!. And you people (which called “people-so-last-year-like-me and called “where-have –you-been?-You-don't-know-Evita?) will be more shocking off to know that she made her own clothing line dubbed by “little Nuh”, again, what a Wow!.

Fashion really is not my thing.  I even do not know about fashion, but seeing many-many her photographs was just slapping me around, and like yelling a shout-out:

Evita: “Oh Hey, C’mon! Dress fits in your age, be creative, do not be so bored”.

Me: “Oh Okay Evita, I will follow the leader”, but how?”

Evita: “Dress is not what you wear, but how you wear”

Me: “Ok, Got it. Will be more creative and used to be”.

Ok, end-up the imaginary conversation with Evita. LOL. Still, back then when I was a kid-in her age-I was just playing around to the yard and read some of kids and teens magazine (Bobo, Hoplaa, Mentari Putera Harapan, B&G’s, Keren Beken and so on but no Internet) while she’s now in digital and Hi-tech world. I am not blowing jealousy away in the air, but I am so proud of this little kid with so magnificent “right talented” in this era. What can be more should I say?  She’s freaking awsomeeee...!!  (Ok, is this an Evita syndrome?)

pic form: (Evita's blog)

pic form: (Evita's blog)

pic form: (Evita's blog)
This is one my favos of her style and dress

Indeed, I do not have an idea today so many people in the walk of life distracted of a child. Is it a syndrome?. Begin from Suri Cruise (and yes, the gen is coming from two famous stars), Shiloh (still, the well known celeb), Harper Seven (we do not know her growing up yet sice now she’s just turn to 6 months old), Blue Ivy (with the dramatic blowing news of her born), and coming back to Indonesia: a cute advertising star; Afika.

Again, it is presumably an adorably kids fan syndrome?. Caused by some grow up people felt so bored with their circumstances around them or distraction of these amazing kids were will be questioned more. For both causes I couldn’t disagree anymore. It is related each other. What do you think guys?.

When I was just learning Sociology Science in high-school, thing that I recall is there must be a sphere condition you some people have to the stuck on the track, to re-think of your footsteps, to take a rest a while, to debating your selves, to digging ideas what you are looking for a long years, and so on, and so on. But as you looked more closely, you guys become quite intrigued of many questionable words. You sometimes feel it or just my wrong recall of sociology science memory?.

Anyway, Evita Nuh is still gorgeous young girl ever, she must be a shining star for years ahead, let’s count the time and playing with the ears. Let’s read one of her composes (including her motto):

“Maybe I already said it in my other post (or tweet?) in my family my dad has this motto ‘’ You want it ? Work for it! ‘’ and he is serious about that. Of course our needs totally on my father, but I’m talking about things that they want, not they need. I saw my sisters working their ass of on this project, on that project and many other projects since they were in high school, yes they making their own money. I want that, yes I really want that. I’m so proud that my sisters is not just sitting around burning my father money (not literally… yeah you know what I mean right?) make me more woow-ed because actually they know they can”.

Yes Evita, you can say that again: "You want it? Work for it!".



erika ramadhani said...

yang gambar terakhir celananya lucuuuu

Kim said...

Iye...her outfit unyu-unyu

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say you have a great site and thanks for posting!…

Chacha said...

hi, blog evita lucu banget. kamu juga, pake template apa? thanks before :)