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September 05, 2012

Been a week in Random Phase

I do random things sometimes. Been a week, I surfed to blogging sites. Drop my self a half time in my whole loading work time a day there. From Nila Tanzil blog, Morgan Mellish blog (and knew that he has passed away by accident trash GA 200 in Yogyakarta, May God bless him), Dwi Putri who won a prize ticket to festival Jailolo (how lucky she is) until Muhammad Alfayyadl's note in which telling a prelude story came to Paris.

I almost read all Nila Tanzil wrote in her blog  from past to the now. Yeah, I keep curious to the what-happened -with-her after her boyfriend has been long away leaved her. Surprisingly, I didn't find any sad stories in her blog. I guess that she kept away her personal things into public. I think she right. She probably agrees with "don't let somebody look pity on you by your trashing  your real life stories a.k.a curcol into your social media". Dwi Putri also has D(e)wi Fortuna in her life (I guessed). Look, she won a prize to festive The Fest Jailolo in about 20 days! what a heaven eh?. I like the way she writes all the bored things into the good and proper things to read. Surprisingly, she is coming with the same hometown with mine. (So what's in it? Hehe nothing). The already Franko-Indo man, Alfayyadl (difficult to spell it?). He is a man who I saw rode an old bicycle in front of my boarding house in Yogyakarta. Since he is an author a tough philosophy, some lecturers applaud him much and he become well-known. Just looking his face, perhaps you can say that he is plain. But for my personal mark, something bigger hidden behind. 

By surfing, I used to listen Malay songs mostly. Don't ask me why? I just love to do it. Since back then, I can say that Yuna, Najwa Latif, Sleeq, are lovable singers. I mean, trying to listen different sound, the way to sing, the performance can even shape the moods. Have I said earlier that my mood is easily changed by the song (book and movie also)?. I tell you one, I am not an easy person to settle my self with a new friend. Sometimes I feel bit lost when I discomfort with the vibe and place. But just listen to the songs can set my mood into "welcome world, I'm ready to hit your offers". Or just by reading the best chapter of  Dee or Ayu Utami, or another writer imagine me take the part into their book characters. A latter day I become a stranger. Haha. Or in a day I felt so bored with a flat routine going, I tried then to catch a good movie that can be a best choice ever than hanging out with the girls. So that I can say that song, book, movie are never failed!. I'm not a freak geeky movie, a book worm, or even Miss.know everything about music. But can you polarize how could be your days (or my days) survive without a book, movie and song invasion?

My iPod nano (the veryyy old version iPod with 2GB capacity; someone bought me in my 18th birthday) still get its favorable condition till now. In that way because I always take care the stuffs somebody ever gave me. My dvd player and dvd collection both in a good track. I bought dvd player made in China, We obviously know the quality under sign "Made in China" than another sign "Made in xxx" right?. What about my books? ask to my Mom in home. She has a lot of care with my stuffs. You know that I have been leaving home since Senior High School, so I have no time to stay at home for long but in a holiday. I get My Mom to buy the good shelf for my books at home (the big, each shelf has a key, and the front covered with glass).  She did exactly like I ordered. My Mom is best. My Father has a good documenting in particular things. So Probably his nature descent to me. I'm good as well in keeping on track my books since Junior High School up to University. Ask me to the examination papers mark in High School year, I filed most of them in one.

I think one of you ever plunged yourself into the phase you call "I don't know where I've been" or bit lost. The hit word to represent it is maybe "Random". There is nothing wrong with the randomness. For me, somehow it is just a flash of the run looping life. Either notice or leave it behind is everyone's choice. I'm enjoying my random activity, even some judge me a focus disorder person. I don't mind. What I feel just like I have load re-charge energy to be me after doing them. That random.

Anyway, try to listen Yuna songs: Live your Live (producer under Pharell Williams), Lullaby, Random Awesome, Island, Fading Flowers and so on. You will know what I'm talking about.

Yuna Zarai
Have a Wonderful September People! Rain..Rain...Rain..!



Ajeng Sari Rahayu said...

ya kadang buku atau musik emang ngebantu balikin mood kita sih, cmn adakalanya jg mood tambah buruk, jadinya nangis ngembik2 di kamar sendiri...hahaha itu aku :D

setuju, sebaiknya hal2 pribadi yang mungkin bisa dibilang kisah sedihmu jgn diumbar di sosial media (sebut aja aku lagi usaha).

skrg lagi nyari lagu Yunanya, penasaran...

Kim said...

Iya Jeng, by blog walking paling ga uda tau mana yg perlu dishare di socmed (terutama blog), mana yg engga.

Anonymous said...

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