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January 10, 2013

In The Rainy Seasons Everything Changes

Raining -in drizzle and heavy, dropping water, being wet, bringing umbrella, is such a thing I never missed out in my whole life. There is something wonderfully emerge in piece of minutes when the water is dropping and touching the skin. You dub it muddy, but I will say it's boosting the mood and as Virgo's, will re-take herself to the setting realm that the only her can imagine about. She is going to mumbling all the long the street takes. By raining, it lifts up the perfectness.

Am I okay? I choose to be alive to festive rainy season (than dry months which is called suck!). May be, the uncomfortable weather (the long time dry season) I had in my previous life (and now on, only because I live in Indonesia), encourage me to do the things that someday will revoke me to the rainy island. Don't call it Nim's Island, but could I deny if New Zealand takes the enormous fancy I always dream of?. Is it the land of an O2 in a beat of my heart?. Well, I always have a jar of the place I would my life spend for. Few years ago, NZ was introduced me in LOTR for the first. I was just said to myself  "the Southwestern Pacific Ocean has a magnet and virgin territory, like a drop of heaven water, like a darling forest, wish I could go there someday to pace my foot on it". Now, I see the pattern here: The option is whether we follow the heart instinctively or neglect it away. I choose the the first, only by the random reason eh?.

Virgo's has a good memory about past life. I laugh it a lot. Past? can you repeat it once more? Past?. Oh man! sorry, but I would say yes. This is terribly adhere thing to sign off.  Such a latent habit of mine which is not very great: Ok, I remember the past and moment in details, in a good and bad, most of them bad. You can say, it haunt me worst. Gonna tell you other posting how I follow the zodiac much.

And here I'm now, still captivating into the past events of life, while I was very great. Haha yes, you may repeat it: Great. I have stunning journey when it is organized. I realize that much, and has been proven. Stepped inside to Australia, and had incredibly "O mouth" by every scenery I saw. Why not for NZ?

Only in the rainy seasons:
- I could wake up early. Haha *tersenjum lebar*
- Re-write my list; everything that is written is everything that should be done
- Melancholy nature
- Put the images of places I dream to come in
- Travel often *getting lost will help you to find yourself

Good bye the sweaty, hotty Dry Season!


PS: title is taken from short of my Boss' column words

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