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February 11, 2013


Is it like everything for being shared (?) to whom didn't relate with your everything happened-in-your-daily? I would say the option was either to feel worrisome or funny to find that. So my friend is kind of a guy who really love with his best friends. Indeed, he then really love to share what  they're doing together. Share to me? obviously for first off, I'm deal with it. But on and on, that's surge annoying.

That will be a lot to take it, If i would say you're NOT mature enough to treat yourself in your age dude.  Best friend freak? (maybe). Sorry, but act like a bloody grown up!. You did everything and so proud of your surrounding best friends. We have too! but we don't need to share everything we do with the best friends to someone else. Knowing you that always presenting what you've been through with your best friend, put them before you was just like....seriously?.

Gitu ya apa hubungannya kamu ceritain segala hal tentang anak temanmu yang lucu, tentang temanmu yang ini dan itu, tentang suaminya yang bule. Apa saya kenal teman-teman kamu?.

Didn't wanna tell you that the meaning of best friend is innocuous. But could we please look at ourselves what's the point of getting their life to infuse in our life too much? happy? we could make it by ourselves, sharing? your friend is not a jar of your vomit stories, proud? that's them, not you. Indeed when you're talking to me once more about what you're doing with your bestiest, I don't give a damn care for a goodness/badass you're doing (anything you do with you or your friends is clearly not my business).

Now, I find the pattern, herein lies the real you, real chick boy, and tell to your mamma if you're not keen being live together with your best-bestiest-friends for ever and ever, are you?


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