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November 13, 2012

In coincidence

Has anyone of you love what Ayu Utami's wrote?. I have. I love Ayu Utami's composes. from Saman until Lalita. I found some phrases in Lalita which touches me much. It's like I've been there before. That book feels me, that book is eyeing on me. There is no wonder I hit it with spending 3 days after working hours. Let's not forget, I'm such a consumer book with its right precious time to read. I don't want to come understanding the book in hurry. Hurry is exhausting. I sometimes re-read the chapter which slightly caught me. I highlight for stunning words. Why is this so? just because it bloody believed that a small word, even the writer must have been spend a lot time to make it.

You have to bear. I'm working for preparation column to my boss Friday in every week. At that time, I do some materials regarding to temples, statues, history and museum. You know what, back to history topic is dazzling me. I like to prepare to the things I love. If  I don't have a heart to the topic, I rather to do in a half-baked, or whatnot I do is only pretending. Am I not compromising type?, whatnot people say.

By the time I finished my duty, I was in the middle of reading Lalita in my room, skipping the part when Yuda met Lalita, and Marja just come back from her holiday with the best friend, Parang Jati. I felt so bored, I borrowed the DVD to my neighbor room mate, she lend me "The Dark Shadows". It was okay, not bad to watch what people say that Johnny Depp is never fail of being any roles. The movie is all about the vampire live of Barnabas Collins, the myth regards the vampir era, and reincarnation, shadow and shadow. Here that time I was reading Lalita in the part of Anshel, when he was young and studying the theory of humanism, psychology and human mind with Sigmund Freud. I didn't recall, until the page I read about temples, statues, Borobudur, concentric diagram, track meditation, vampir descendant, shadows and a lot.

pic courtesy of  Salihara 
My mind is completely racing around somewhere unknown. Here the patterns: a day earlier I have been doing some small preparations to the history topic (includes museum, temple, buddha, statue etc) -- watching a vampir movie a day after without any means notice -- reading the book which is containing the history stuff including vampir in earlier and after days at one. This time around, I need to question what coincidence means. I'm suddenly non-verbally condemned to the unsolved matters like this. Then I tweet as follows.

Translasi hari ini ttg arca, candi Adityawarman & Parvati-Siva. Malamnya melihat Dark Shadow. Lalu #lalita berisi keduanya: candi & vampir.

Setiap kita punya sisi gelap. Setiap kita punya bayang-bayang. #TheDarkShadow #lalita | 2.30am

Dlm perjalanan, siapapun dia yg kita kenal tiba2 hilang sllu mnciptakn sendu & duka yg termaklumi. #lalita

Berdamai dg sisi lain manusia yg tak kita mengerti. Setidaknya, itu membuat kita tdk mengutuk dia / membalas dia. #lalita

Sesuatu yg tdk berhubungan sebab akibat tetapi berhubungan makna #lalita

I'm not very spiritual, but even I had to admit that literally there were no coincidence in this liveliness life. The One within His stuffs: The universe, the human mind, the aura, the atmosphere, the invisible spirit, the upcoming book which shout out about the related talks were taking a chance to rebuild the feeling, the condition, the whisper, the desire and that's almost we call: coincidence. Universe, sometimes amuse us.

Last Saturday I and a friend of mine were in Bandung for spending weekend. Actually, this is a spontaneous plan (for me). My house mate is my senior grade in High School era. We were even lived in a same roof, same room, neighboring bed (oh is that living in a harmony?). Haha nope for this one. She is a rock and roll sister. And I had to confess, she is brutal, walk out of rules, and particularly sad in one. Haha do not blame me in saying less courtesy, that was my thought about her when I was only the first grade, and she were the third grade Senior High School.

So, another coincidence happened in last two years, I come to Jakarta and contacted her. She has visited me in Yogyakarta earlier, had a interview there. So it comes easy to let her know that I have an interview as well in Jakarta. By the ongoing series of my life, considering that my work location is nearby with hers, well here I now, living again in the same roof with her, different room, but still having a bit dull talks sometimes reflecting the senior high school era. *anyway she is the only one who cares me much while I've been hospitalized last June.

Scarlet! a factory outlet in Bandung

It is cozy FO with the garden inside isn't it? #Bandung

Back to Bandung. One of her friend (the same High School with me and her as well) come to Jakarta for vacation. She works at mining company in Kalimantan. Needless to say, when the girls time out comes, then we talk and talk, break and break, sing and sing, dine and dine. We reach home about 1 am in the midst, and having a rest after. Saturday morning they will have an adventure in Bandung. I rather doubt to join, just because I've ever been to Trans Studio and felt like 'going to Bandung for weekend? you mind!'. When I woke up about 12 noon, suddenly I follow my intuition to join with them. I booked ticket Jkt-Bdg for 4 pm (I know this is worst plan, will be a jam hours). But yet I go.

fourth of us
At night before sleeping, I made chat with my old friend in the same grade, same High School who currently lives in Nusa Dua, Bali. He is going to South Korea for Monday evening. Dubbed this another coincidence, he got no ticket for Bali-Jakarta, the available ticket is only Bali-Bandung. Well, Sunday morning finally we fourth people bumped into each other. It's like rendez-vous moment. Oh Life, again amuse me.

Do you think I need to have a good friendship with Life and Universe for surprising me coincidence series?


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