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November 07, 2012

Movie: Skyfall 007

I'm neither a fanciful person, nor an idealist. I'm in a center of grey, midst of gloomy. When I watch movie, I follow the intuition. I'm neither always watching Blockbuster movies, nor some indies. If I want to watch that movie so badly, people can't get me off. As easy as if I fall, I just fall.

Anyway, movies are not lookalike fashion, aren't they?. You can go to the cinema as you are. No need to dress up or bringing someone special. You go there for watching. Not for other purposes (ehm, dating maybe?). But the point still have: watching a projector film-in a dark chamber. Act like normal people. If you just want to watch, just watch. As I take these words always, I'm not being (or feel) alienation-ed by someone else's staring (do I delivered word cynically uh?). haha forget it.

Oh friends, Daniel Craig awesomely still dazzling people on being Bond. But it is not as wow as before. I think he's getting old, did everyone notice his wrinkles in the edge of his blue sea eyes? Okay, maybe it’s just me. #ignore please.

The story begins in chasing scenes when Eve (Naomie Harris) and Bond (Daniel Craig) racing a car, bike, and brawling  on the top of train to get Patrice (Ola Rapace) who stole the hard disk includes top secret information of  MI6’s body. Took place in a Bazaar Turkey, in a zoom in-out shoot, boisterous trading, yelling  out people, the crashing colorful things, audience won’t missed the eyes off on it.  Whilst the train will pass the tunnel, Eve who still being contacted with M in the MI6 quarter, won’t have a minute to amend the mind to cancel a shot. A target is hardly undetected, while the two wrangling to get the disk. M gives an order to pull the trigger to whomever its shot *my emotion is being shaken it off more by the way*. Patrice is safe, but Bond is falling to the waterfall and assumed death, deep, down, inside. Adele turns the time.

Let the sky fall
when it crumbles
We will stand tall
Face it all together, at Skyfall

Adele's prelude soundtrack gives a mellow tone to audience to follow the stories. That’s the time a flashed text running on my mind: This gonna be a different Bond.

M (Judi Dench)’s capability as a head MI6 is being questioned by Public Inquiry as an attendant of losing the secret data. While she’s being alerted by Mallory (Ralph Fiennes), and back to the HQ, her computer is hacked and a minute later HQ is bombed, eight staff were death. The crisis is spreading on each MI6 body’s function.

Then Bond is coming back to town. The only Bond that M believes and able to solve the matter is only him. Although Bond wouldn’t able to pass the physical test for being an agent again (4 score for shot test, Bond always misses out to shot the target), M hides the result and allow him to track the trail of the MI6 enemy in Shanghai.

Mostly filming location took in London and Shanghai (even Scotland: Skyfall Bond’s lodge took in Elstead Surrey UK), Sam Mendes seems like deliver the calmness and solitude message of the whole film and “no more glamorous and hi-tech in this Bond okay?”

Forget about shaking wine, gambling trick, and seducing woman a lot, in Shanghai, Bond took a while time only. This is when I can say again, this series lack of glamorous sense (personally I like it!, exaggerate sometimes is boring). It really shows that Bond is a human too. This signs when Q [(Ben Wishaw): oh yes he is adorable geeky face! I don’t believe he is starring as Jean-Baptiste Grenouille in Parfume. Not bad acting] talks to Bond “What? Were you expecting an exploding pen? We don’t do that anymore”, Q getting an answer of Bond’s expression while receiving the tech: a gun which only his hand detection can use it and a small radio which find the location wherever he is.

In Shanghai, Bond meets Sévérine (Bérénice Marlohe). She leads Bond to see Silva (Javier Bardem). This is the humorous of James Bond movie's character, I don’t see that Javier who starring as Juan Antonio in Vicky Christina Barcelona could be a very smooth and best as Silva. I’m mumbling and laughing to myself that Silva is a twin of Indonesia comedian; Komeng. (here the picture of him). LOL! another imaginary.

To any scenes, I proud Silva’s act most. He’s doing his job as a ’human’ murderer. He has an unpleasant memory as a former agent MI6. So that he crumbles against MI6 as revenge. I should say that the reason and the intention are quite acceptable and humane for the entire James Bond movies ever. Silva is captured by the Bond’s power guards (thanks for the small radio!), and being jailed in a MI6 underground HQ. But Silva is clever (don’t play a trick with Bond agents), while Q is encrypt the Silva’s computers; Silva escapes from the tube jail, and ready to shot M for delivering his anger. But Bond unaccomplished Silva’s mission, and save M and drive her to the far, far, far away from London. Scotland. 
"Hold your breath and count to ten"

Welcome to the Skyfall. It is the Bond’s childhood, the place where Bond hurts as an orphanage, and recruited to be an agent by MI6. With three of them (Kincade as a lodge keeper), Bond arrange the traps to welcome Silva. Again, no more huge guns, a fantastic tech, a perfect weapons, lodge doesn’t provide any kind of, as Kincade (Albert Finney) told to Bond and M: “sometimes the old ways are the best”.

With the two LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) Bond is trying to explode the lodge by saying: “Oh I hate this house”. He follows the tunnel way-out to the chapel where M and Kincade were there earlier. In the midst of escaping, he’s been brawling by Silva’s guards, in the top of frozen lake. As Bond pull the trigger to break the ice, the guards were falling down to the crazy cool water, Bond still rescue himself. He has been there before, in a waterfall. Enjoying death.

In the chapel, Silva finds M and Kincade, and forces M to shot her and him both. Bond is coming, and kills Silva by throwing a knife in his back. But M collapses from earlier bounds, and here we go, not the beautiful woman in the Bonds hands, but Mama takes the place. Another touching and old final scene uh?. 

All I got from this movie is: do and solve everything with the old ways!.
From the first (as always a rush actions as a prelude), antagonist actor, fighting scenes, plot, script, title, soundtrack, until the sad moment, they perfectly wrap these in the old fashioned. Some people says that it is fine when you don’t watch. It does not tend to be like that. Skyfall is not plain, it’s more sentimental, and it’s melancholy.

Scotland to be the final setting place which is very cold, leads to be a perfect the plot. I floated to the emotion like Bond felt (Ohyeaaa?). By mentioning "Skyfall", the chest an extra mile speeding becomes narrow, cold and warm to be one. Suddenly I little bit dye. *haha sorry, a bit drama*

I think this is a humane of James Bond ever, who Bond is not a big person without feeling hurt or weak. It’s logic. By taking an old version, the ending is not as dramatic as the usually Bond; exaggerate exploding, fire or bleeding everywhere. (It is an old, isn’t it?).  Just hear what Silva highlighted: England... Mi6... *pheww..* so old-fashioned! 

So, from 1-10 band score, I probably give it the 8.

Enjoy the heart beating of spelling Skyfall people!



Fika Murdiana Rachman said...

koen wes nonton ta ndu??

Kim said...

Uwis bek. Rasane mak kemrenyes liat Bond uda rapuh, lagunya Adele menambahi. Mungkin aku terlalu sentimentil ya?. :D