Try to search for The Things?

March 15, 2013


Do you think you need everybody follows you?. Even in the twitter, even the facebook, the blog, the path, the insta, the tumblr, the soundcloud, the everything you exist in some social media? And the whatnot things you did? do you think it need so?.

It's overwhelmed,
It's untouched,
Have you ever paused the scene you did in second? better you try.

Signing out is relaxing, pausing is breathing. Gadget-less sometimes brings you back into "you". Awesomeness is not the way you've been following by people. Still do not get the point why everybody keep on being followed (and forced everyone to press the button "follow")

It's like, if you do what you're keen to do, then just do. You're not pleasing anyone. You are still ok without being followed anyone, didn't these phenomenon happen twice before social media born in your age, do they? If somebody out there don't like you have been created, who the hell are they? You just lift the more awesomeness deed. Why so matter?

Being sincere:
Eerie to know that value is scored by only a number. It's grey, indeed. The goodness is crammed by the grey. Something that between gloom and grim. Its awful. and I don't understand.

Just like I do writing, my notions more like:  the writing itself creates space for silence and pause, to breathe.