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June 13, 2012

Kimya and Marshall

I'm favoring the name "Kimya", since I read from my friend in twitter. My friend is a father of one little girl called Kimya. The father said the meaning of Kimya is princess (I do not know what kinda language is that from, probably Ibrani? or the name of princess in the era before century?, but for sure, it is not Persian or Arabic I've already checked it out). That recalls me from my nick name when I was in high school and stayed in Boarding school. All friends called me Kim (it has a long story behind), please read here. Based on my thought, the name Kim sounds so tough but hidden a smoothness inside, hehe.

And about Marshall, it was very my daydreaming moment. Got imagining about how cool it could be when my little boy in the future named Marshall. (and calling by "Macall" when he is still in first or second year with lisping spoken). it is cutee bebeh..!.thats all about I love the name Kimya and Marshall.

I love kids. Or is that just because they love me indeed?, I dunno. But sometimes, when I played around with my nephew and niece they can stand so long and not get bored instead of playing with my elder sister. Maybe just because they feel playing with the same size people is cutting off the gap. Haha I mean, my body small, isn't it? yes, yes. my body categorized in small size. And I don't mind if some awkward moments get me in a random situation.

Will tell yeah, in the airport arrival, we the passengers come down the upstairs of the plane. Next to me was a man and he poked me:

Man:  "Hi, do you dare fly alone?".

Me:  "Sure I'm not afraid Sir!".

Man: "did you fly with that your little friend? (with point out the little boy about 10 years old or average in front of us, and oh his body unbalance because of he brought heavy travel bag).

Me:  "......." (should I laugh or just keep silent?). "well Sir, I'm not. 
and...., I have graduated from University this year, and I've traveled around the world in many many times (hahaha this is so hiperb), did my face look so scary to have plane travel alone?".

Man: "Holy crap!, pardon me sister...! I thought you're a friend with him".

Me: (YOU THINK? Rrrrrr....*infuriated*).

For e view second I stepped forward to the arrival terminal, I was thunderstruck at the hilarious extraordinary conversation with the man. So I looked into myself, then valuing my appearance, not bad. But wait, I was look soooooo childish indeed. Haha! i was wearing Minang veil that's completely look so Madrasah (elementary) uniform. My puma jacket, and jeans. And oh yes, I wear Eagle slipper which is appropriate enough to the gym class. (Surabaya is raining all day long, so I decided to use slipper than shoes, whilst I just brought a high heels when got home after the business trip). Definitely I did not care with the outwear when I'm travelling around, the simply nice and comfort outwear is my priority.

Back then to the topic of Kimya and Marshall. Several times my friend and/or my sisters asked me to have named for their babies. Hilarious one! this might be I did several for creating the names, and jotting some words that I love to spell (in French, Arabic or Persian). Believe it or not, some of my ideas baby names were accepted to be their baby names.

Here the names I've created:

Yeissara Amri (my niece). Well, my sister ordered me to have an idea that indicated word of "Yesa", though meaningful. So I let her know what I've got: Yeissara (Arabic means: Permudahkan urusan kami, please make my life get easy). She and her husband suddenly don't objection with that. Sounds good then.

Hi There! My name is Yeissa
Aufara (my baby's sister's friend). I Just love to have that word. it is from Arabic language.

Khairani Farasti Azka (my niece). Khairani is Arabic word, it is my sister idea not mine. Then "Farasti" means an Angel. It is Persian language, I remember much of that word caused I learned Pesian, and farasthi (actual written: Fereshteh) is the one of basic word to brush-up during my learning. Then Azka from Arabic means holy, pure.

Azmi Nadiya Azra (my niece). well, the combination name came out while me and my sister opened my Buku Pintar seri Senior (the writer: Iwan Gayo, has anyone remember this book? I called it Kitab Suci -LOL- as it is very thick and has the complete various content and subject reference).

Istarizkizra. it is the fancy name that I love much, but sadly I didn't know the meaning, neither does my father. I've been asking for some people, but they didn't know the meaning either.

Mitsaka Ghalidza. I love that name as well! Once I got while reciting AlQur'an and detecting that the word is awesome. It is Arabic word (Mitsaqon Gholidzo: ikatan yang kuat; strong bond). But My father said its quite heavy to be the name of baby. I didn't know an implicit of his saying. 

Somehow, I love the name Kimya and Marshall, But there again, I don't know later on. So, has anyone want me to have some ideas for the baby names? :-))))



Huda Tula said...

i know that 'iwan gayo' book. there's a list of baby name at the last page rite?

I prefer words from local. thou my name is in Arabic, i wish it was in local--Sasaknese. :(

Kim said...

can't remember last page or not.

mm.., Dyou mind tell us abt Sasaknese? I'm clueless. U mentioned local, my mind was thinking abt: Sujono, Paijo, Suryono... :))